These images are from an amazing whirlwind tour of NZ's South Island in 2012.  What started as a simple tag along trip with my mates turned into a 9 day, 3,000km+ road trip through some of the most remarkable landscapes I've ever seen.

Mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, forests, coasts and plains…  Its a little slice of Europe on Oceania's doorstep.  Little wonder it featured so heavily in the Lord of the Rings films.  Its not just the incredible variety of scenery but how closely it's all packed together.  You could see all of these features in just a single days drive and most of it easily accessed from the highways.  

Take a look at the image set on the right, these were all standing on or adjacent to the road.  Sometimes the hardest part of travelling between towns was trying not to pull over so often that it took twice as long to get anywhere!  Every bend or rise in the road had something new and amazing to reveal.