Hands up if you got the not-so-subtle film reference in the title?  

Nikko & Nara were both fairly unplanned side trips on days we had spare but turned out to be easily two of the highlights.  Nara is a smaller town about an hour outside of Osaka which is almost as popular with tourist as it is with the wild deer.  They were everywhere and wanted only one thing: Deer Biscuits.  Sold by street vendors for 100 yen, your purchase of these biscuits transformed you into an instant deer celebrity! As they swarmed around trying to snatch them or bite your arse if you turned and ran, the only chance was to hide them immediately in a bag and find a quieter spot to entice a deer.  Thats where the fun started.  It turns out these deer had been taught how to bow before receiving biscuits, raise a bikkie in the air and each deer would bow their head to you to receive their treat… awesome :)

Nara's other great attraction is the 15m tall great Buddha housed within Todaiji Temple, itself one of the largest wooden buildings on the planet.  It needed to be big too because even seated this bronze Buddha crafted in 752 AD nearly touches the ceiling.  I tried but its very difficult to capture the scale of this statue just take my word for it, once you step inside the front door, its presence is breathtaking.