Here's two sets of portraits I did some time ago with very different intents.  Again collaboration played a critical role and these couldn't have turned out anywhere near as well without the efforts of everyone involved.

On the side of "Light" we have the wonderful Paige doing her best if-looks-could-kill against a setting sun and the Brisbane skyline backdrop.  The volume of light was amazing on this day and as I shot almost directly into the sun I was reminded of scenes from the Danny Boyle film Sunshine which explored the psychological effects of drowning in sunlight aboard a spaceship… Someday i'd like to attempt a proper Sci-Fi shoot… Is there someplace you can rent spaceships?

Huge thanks go to Paige, Courtney for makeup and Stacey who was also shooting on this day and has worked with Paige on several great shoots since.

In the "Dark" corner was a little shoot greatly inspired by the film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  On a sweltering Queensland morning I asked Ruby and Vincent to rug up and act cold which they did a fantastic job of even as beads of sweat rolled down their brow.  Ruby looked perfect in the role of Lisbeth, truthfully most of her outfit belonged to her.  While Vincent's acting background meant he had no problem getting into character in between shivering and cracking jokes.

Unlike Paige's shoot above this one did involve a significant amount of post work to eliminate all the warmth from the original captures.  Thanks to Ruby and Vincent, Sacha for Styling and Concept & Katie for makeup.