This is temple town

Early in the planning stages of our Japan trip, Nina and I knew that Kyoto would likely be a highlight and we'd penned in 5 days to see as much as possible… It wasn't nearly long enough, not even close.  To say that Kyoto is rich in historical and cultural attractions would rank highly as the understatement of the century.  Theres so much we didn't get to see and will have to wait for a future trip but that's an exciting thought in itself.

Our previous luck with great weather ran out during our time here as Category 5 Super Typhoon Vongfong began to bare down on Japan.  Thankfully it weakened significantly by the time it passed us in Kyoto, heavy rain and strong winds kept us in our hotel for an afternoon and evening but by morning it had passed.  A local man told us that the best weather always came just before and right after a typhoon so we took comfort in that.

I keep finding more and more images from Kyoto which may have to wait for a separate entry.