At the furtherest point of our Journey we reached Itsukushima Island or more commonly known as Miyajima (Shrine Island) named after the world heritage Itsukushima Shrine and its famous floating torii gate.  At 16 meters tall, this was probably the biggest torii I saw in Japan… and I saw thousands throughout the trip.  The rest of the shrine complex was supported on pillars allowing the high tide to come right in and surround the buildings and walkways, unique among Japanese shrines and rightfully a tourist magnet.

I don't typically produce a lot of black and white images but I chose to for this series to reflect the tragic past in this region.  Hiroshima is a beautiful city now, full of parks and gardens, populated with kind friendly people.  But the scars of that horrific day are still there in part, remembered and taught so current and future generations might choose a life of peace.