I really, really loved this years Mad Max: Fury Road.  For a post-apocolyptic film it had so much vibrant colour, yes there was also a ton of great action sequences, explosions etc but I walked out blown away by the visual style and colour palette.  It was a look I desperately wanted to try out, but what subject could it work with?

It's this which brought me to Tin City, a place featured at times in the original 1979 Mad Max film.  Hidden amongst the immense sand dunes of Stockton Beach just outside of Newcastle, NSW, you might find a shanty town built from sheets of corrugated iron, rising out of the shifting sands.  It's stood there since just after WWII, a fishing village entirely off the grid and home to barely a dozen residents who live in and maintain but aren't allowed to rebuild or sell their shacks.

Tin City looked like a location straight out of the video game series: Fallout... I was like an emerging vault dweller stumbling on the first inhabitants of a ruined civilisation.  I'm just glad I didn't encounter any radscorpions!  After the considerable effort required to get to this place (on foot, we had no 4 Wheel Drive and beach access was closed to vehicles at the time anyway) I was thoroughly pleased with the images captured.  From what little I'd read about this place it didn't describe how awesome it would look in person but I guess thats why we travel to and explore new places.