Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  It's hard to believe that 2014 is almost done.  Work has been hectic lately in the retail game, unsurprisingly, but I've found a small amount of time to update this site a little.  

You'll find the featured series is now from Hiroshima and Miyajima, two fantastic parts of Japan well worth visiting.  The local specialty in the region is Okonomiyaki (pictured), a grilled-before-your-eyes mix of noodles, vegetables and meat.  Sometimes called a Japanese pancake or pizza… these things were delicious and filling!  I'm still yet to find somewhere close to home that does them :(  Dammit! now I have a craving.

No great travel plans for 2015 at this stage.  Maybe a quick holiday somewhere inside Aus.  For the rest of the year i'll probably knuckle down and look to round out my photographic gear a little more.  Hopefully a Fuji X-T1 isn't far away, Santa obviously didn't get my list this year and now I'm forced to source one myself.

As for content around here, there is still much more to post up from Japan but hopefully some new projects in 2015 too.  In particular I'd like to try something with an architectural focus.  If you're reading this and have any plans for the new year, post in the comments.  Site is still rather new so don't be shy, it starts to feel weird if I think I'm just talking to myself… like now, it got weird.